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HCM City-Ca Mau air service begins

A maiden flight from Ho Chi Minh City landed at Ca Mau airport in the southernmost province of Ca Mau on Sunday, starting the HCM City-Ca Mau air service, according to the Southern Airport Authority.The authority will conduct 3-4 flights a week on the route. It plans to open Can Tho-HCM City and HCM City-Con Dao air services sometime this year.

New air route links Viet Nam with Cambodia

Cambodia's President Airlines officially opened a new air route linking Viet Nam's central Da Nang, and Cambodia's Sieam Reap with Phnom Penh on Sunday. President Airlines will conduct flights on every Thursday and Sunday.

The air route will help tourism companies in arranging tours to the World Heritages in Viet Nam's central region, such as Hoi An, My Son, Phong Nha-Ke Bang and Cambodia's well-known Angkor Wat.

Airlines offer airfare discounts

Vietnam Airlines has offered a 300,000 VND discount on its airfares to passengers on the Ho Chi Minh City - Ha Noi route who buy tickets 7 days ahead of their flight date and a 600,000 VND discount for those who buy tickets 14 days earlier.
For the elderly, teenagers and students, airfares will be reduced to 1,950,000 VND on the Ha Noi - HCM City route, to 1,050,000 VND on the Hanoi - Da Nang route, and 1,050,000 VND on HCM City - Da Nang route. The reduced prices will be applied through December 31, 2004.

Meanwhile, Pacific Airlines has reduced its airfares on the Ho Chi Minh City - Ha Noi to 2.7 million VND and on the Ho Chi Minh City - Da Nang to 680,000 VND. The prices will be applied through May 31, 2004.

The first non-stop flight from Paris to Ho Chi Minh on March 30

Under a code share agreement with Vietnam Airline, Air France will operate five non stop flights between Vietnam and France, and Vietnam Airlines six flights per week. From April 1 to June 15, it will offer discounts for passengers traveling from Vietnam to Paris and other European destinations.

Vietnam Airlines begins summer flight schedules

Vietnam Airlines will shift to its summer flight schedules through till October as of March 27. Under the new schedule, the airline will open a new international air route between Hanoi and Osaka by Boeing 767 with two flights per week, as of March 28.
This is the fifth air route to Japan in service. Vietnam Airlines and Air France will co-operate on 11 direct flights between the two countries each week. The national flag carrier will operate six flights with Boeing 777-200 while Air France will run five flights with Airbus A340-300.

Vietnam Airlines is likely to begin direct flights to Frankfurt late this year.

Air service to link southern cities in June

Five southern localities will be linked by air with HCM City by year’s end. Flights from HCM City to Can Tho will begin in early June. Start dates for flights to Ca Mau, Rach Gia, Vung Tau and Con Dao Island have yet to be determined.

The Viet Nam Air Services Company (Vasco) – which now operates as an air taxi and transporter of cargo – will fly the new routes. Vasco is a subsidiary of the Vietnam Airlines Corporation.

Vietnam Airlines and HCM City-based Pacific Airlines are currently the only domestic carriers.

Flights between HCM City and Ca Mau will take about 45 minutes; to Con Dao Island, about 43 minutes; to Rach Gia 37 minutes; and to Can Tho, 30 minutes. Most routes will be daily flights.

When the flights begin in June, Vasco will use two 30-seat planes jointly manufactured by Russian and US aviation companies.

"The advantages of the AN 38 aero plane are its high safety and low cost. It is easy to use and maintain and it is also good for small airports with poor infrastructure conditions," said Vu Duc Bien, Vasco’s commercial manager.

The Vietnam Airlines Corporation has proposed a price list for the routes: VND350,000 (US$22) to Can Tho; VND400,000 to VND450,000 ($26 to $29) to Ca Mau; and VND650,000 ($42) to Con Dao Island.

United Airlines opens joint name flights to Vietnam

The United Airlines of the US has officially opened the joint name flights to Vietnam via Japanese Airlines - All Nippon. From now there are five flights from Seoul to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi conducted by Asiana Airlines.

Passengers of the United Airlines are able to take flights via Bangkok conducted by Thai Airways to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. This is a supplement to schedule of 4 flights a week from Tokyo to Ho Chi Minh City conducted by ANA. So far, the aviation agreement between Vietnam and US has brought number of Vietnam-US two-way flights to 56 flights a week (with participation of 3 airlines) from previous 8 flights a week (with participation of 2 airlines).


Satisfying the passengers’ demand, from 2nd July 2002, Vietnam Airlines will resume weekly flight to Moscow from Hanoi by Boeing 767-300 with following schedules:

On 3rd and 10th of July 2002, depart from Moscow on Wednesday
From 15/7 – 26/8/2002, depart from Moscow on Monday
From 5/9 – 24/10/2002, depart from Moscow on Thursday
For further information, please contact:
Russia: (7095) 2511949, 2510973
Hochiminh City: (08) 8320320
Hanoi: (04) 8320320
Danang: (051) 811111
MobiFone subscribers: 320 and Vietnam Airlines sale agents.



From 29 June 2002, Vietnam Airlines will operate direct flights from Tokyo to Hanoi and vice versa by Boeing 767-300 on every Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

For further information, please contact:
Tokyo: (813) 35081481
Osaka: (816) 65332689
Hochiminh City: (08) 8320320
Hanoi: (04) 8320320
Danang: (051) 811111
MobiFone subscribers: 320 and Vietnam Airlines sale agents.



On April 22nd 2002, the first flight connecting Hochiminh City and Tokyo was operated by Vietnam Airlines from the International Tan Son Nhat airport.

Following the launch of its own direct scheduled flights on Hochiminh City – Tokyo route with 4 flights per week on Monday, Wenesday, Friday and Saturday, Vietnam Airlines plans to increase to 6 flights per week as of 30th June 2002 and 7 fights weekly from Winter Schedule 2002. This route has satisfied the increasing demand of air transportation between two countries.

Vietnam Airlines is going to open the direct flights between two capital – Hanoi and Tokyo with the initial frequency of 2 flights weekly from 29th June 2002 and plan to use the Boeing 777, the new and modern generation aircaft on routes between Vietnam and Japan in 2003.



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