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            Besides  promoting the hotel to potential clients , the idea of introducing the hotel as the historic & cultural destination closely relating to historical events of the city was the main motive that helped us complete this web site. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Nguyen Dac Xuan- the historian who provided us with precious information on the history of hotel.

            Built in 1901 by the French businessman, Mr. Morin  this architecture of colonial style lived up to its former reputation as the choice of celebrities, intrepid adventurers and discriminating businessmen. It offered everything a discerning travelers would expect from a world class hotel.


 Morin hotel in 1901                                                    Mr. W.Morin

The General Manager

            The big renovation in 1998 has restored the hotel its former glory without sacrificing the old world charm and Vietnamese traditional hospitality that has made the Saigon-Morin Hotel legendary. At present, The hotel possesses  the finest location in town, within walking distance to everything , where guests can enjoy the view of the romantic perfume river, the historic Trang Tien bridge . This luxury deluxe hotels boasts 135  airy rooms and Suites, all are well equipped with IDD, satellite TV, Mini bar, bathtub, hair-dryer and 24 hour room service. The system of restaurant indoor, outdoor or on the top floor serves the best selection of food and drinks. The leisure facilities meet the demands of the most fastidious guests. Most essentially, the hotel staff is the main factor that makes the hotel products become high quality and particular characteristic .                 




                   SAIGON MORIN HOTEL                                                   Tao Van Nghe /Mr

                                                                                                  The General Manager

You can find below the hotel chronology in order to have the general view of the hotel history.

                                                     Hotel Chronology

         1901: Come into being under the name "Grand Hotel Bogaert ".

        1904: Heavily damaged by the century typhoon.

        1907: The Morins possess the property, enlarge and upgrade it to be the leading hotel in central Vietnam.

        1907 - 1945: The Hotel reaches its own peak of glory. Besides the business purpose, the hotel plays the role as a "minimized French cultural area" inside the capital city of the feudalism Vietnam. It is in this place where Charlie Chaplin spends his honeymoon after marrying Paullette Goddaord in Shanghai.

        Winter of 1946: French army and civil take shelter in the hotel when the French resistance movement develops strongly in Hue. On the night of 20/12/1946 the Vietnam revolutionary forces attack the hotel. The battle lasts until 12/02/1947. 

        After French forces and civil have drawn back to France under the light of Geneva agreement in 1954, the hotel is taken over by Mr. Nguyen Van Yen.





        Autumn of 1957: the hotel is confiscated by the Diem government and its property is used to be the home of the Hue University.

        From 1957 to the reunified day (30/04/1975): a lot of students from the Hue University take part in the Anti-South Vietnam government movement. It is in this place many important meetings are held. Especially, in Tet offensive in 1968: this site is the place which is first recaptured by US army after under control of  Vietnam liberation front army for nearly one month.

        From 1975-1988: this site continues to be  served as science college.

        From 1990 to 1995: Ownership switched to Thua Thien Hue Tourism Company, operated as the hotel, well-known to pack backer tourists.

        1994: Negotiations between Saigon Tourist Company and Thua Thien Hue people Committee begin  to form a join venture company for the renovation of the hotel from 1995 to 1997.

        November 1997: the renovated hotel reopens  for business under the name Saigon Morin

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